Please Help Your Little Brother

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From an ongoing series of textural pieces using cotton fibers. These fibers are embedded with various layers of paint on the top of two pieces of vinyl. Using sheers I then cut and weave the two pieces of vinyl together on a birch panel. More coats of paint are then applied and the piece is sanded. The cotton fibers bring out a relief not seen in other woven pieces. 

As I was sanding this piece the title came to me. I liken the fibers to veins that reach out and wrap around a family unit. The color ways work as different scenarios and situations in which assistance is needed. As a side note, I have three older sisters :7)


An abstract acrylic painting collages with mixed media on clear industrial grade vinyl weaved and stretched around a handmade wood panel. The surface has been painted, sanded and sealed several times. 

55 X 34”
Mixed Media / Woven Vinyl

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