Adreon Henry has always been curious about how things are constructed and has always had a drive to create. From a very early age he developed a very specific style through repeatedly drawing imaginary friends; these friends still exist today (i.e.“The Pendletons”).

As a youth, his dedication to art intensified and he sold candy and various oddities to his peers in order to purchase his first screen-printing machine. He quickly utilized this media to make t- shirts of his favorite bands and prints from his drawings. He saved every dime and while still in high school he opened a skateboard shop and started his own line of skateboards featuring his designs.

As a young adult, Adreon formed a band “Single Frame” and in 2000 the band decided to move to Austin, TX to pursue musical endeavors; this is when Adreon decided to commit to his artistic practice. In the intervening years, Adreon explored his creativity and found success in both music and art. Today he continues his creative endeavors, often working with the themes of time, community, and perspective. Adreon’s use of a variety of screen printing and painting techniques on non-traditional mediums has allowed him to create a signature visual style, while his many years as a musician gives him a strong foundation to create magnificent sound-scapes and interactive installations.

Adreon lives and creates in Austin Texas.  

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