Buying Art For Your Home During Shelter-in-Place / Quarantine

Hey, I get it. You’re stuck inside of your home for days on end, trying to accomplish everything from your job to shopping. The only thing that is not living on a digital device are the things on your wall, in your fridge and in your closet. We can throw furniture and kids in there as well for good measure. So… you want to freshen up the place — maybe rearrange a few things and purchase a few key pieces to bring it all together. Where should you look for these pieces? How should you go about purchasing? Should you be worried about shipping materials and new products entering your home? Well, you might start with what you currently have and then search for things and styles similar on websites like Pinterest and Instagram. Now, if you are the type of person that likes to support local artist simply google search your city name and “artist”. This will bring up artist currently producing and living close; many may have curbside pick-up available as well as delivery options. If you are more of the national or international type you might try perusing sites like Saatchi, Artspace, Captured, or Artsy. Most have art that ranges in price and style with great shipping options, and information clearly accessed like the size and material used. Many individual artist have works available on their individual websites as well. If you are not going the local route, chances are the work you select will arrive in a shipping box which has many pieces of packing material inside. Professionals suggest unpacking all products outside of your home while wearing gloves and a mask. Give the art a few minutes to air out and then install. If buying art produced from industrial materials like vinyl, etc. you may be able to wipe down the art or lightly spray it with disinfectant. Of course you will want to try this on a corner or nondescript area of the work to avoid ruining the finish or color ways of the work. Hopefully this short article helps. Good luck with the refresh!

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