Packaging And Shipping


Shipping costs are already included in the price of the painting. It covers materials for shipment and the cost for ground mail through Fed Ex, UPS or USPS. We use high quality packaging materials, including:

  • Acid-Free Archival Paper to preserve and protect the surface. We use glassine!
  • Anti-Moisture Wrap - each piece is wrapped in durable plastic to keep out moisture.
  • High quality packaging tape ensuring fully sealed seams.
  • Bubble wrap to cushion and fill empty space.
  • Foam Board for extra support. We use .5” thickness.
  • Cardboard Corners because the edges are the most vulnerable!
  • Insurance. We provide insurance on every piece.

You will be notified by email with tracking information once the piece is delivered. Delivery will be no later than 7 days of purchase. 

Packaging is extremely important to the safety and originality of the art. We require and returns to follow these same guidelines.

Please contact us at for any questions or concerns!

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