The Art of the Weave

The art of weaving in abstract contemporary art 

The act of weaving dates back to neolithic times and is always likened to tapestry creation and native art, but weaving in modern contemporary abstract fine art the process is somewhat new. For the last 15 years Adreon Henry has adopted weaving as an element to his art-making process. There are many subjects that can be addressed through woven art. On the surface the process of weaving can be used to achieve dimension and form to a work of art. Depending on the images that are being woven together the practice and product can add elements of perspective, memory, and juxtaposition to the abstract contemporary art piece. When two contrasting patterns or images, either in subject or aesthetic, are woven together the viewer can decipher an altered perspective or juxtaposition in the message being conveyed. When the pattern or image acts as a story the weaving process can bring forth the element of memory, the way memories work and the relationship to the viewer. All three of these elements: perspective, memory, and juxtaposition can be found in the woven abstract contemporary artwork of Adreon Henry. When asked about his woven work Adreon Henry had this to say: “Weaving together images and/or messages adds another dimension to a piece of art and when this tool is used properly it can enrich the viewers’ experience and relationship to the piece — it also never hurts to have another element of abstraction to play with.”

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