Why woven paintings?

For a long time I was taken by pop art — the bold imagery, which happened to work well with the slick, glossy finish of my early vinyl paintings. They reminded me of the West Coast of the early 90s; the surfboards, slick skateboards and overall gloss of Los Angeles. This was my main focus from 2000-05. Around this time my band, Single Frame, which had been signed to Volcom Entertainment, was touring a lot. On tour I was drawn to the abandoned signage on old building usually made of brick, most commonly found in the deserts of west Texas and New Mexico. There was something mysterious and timeless about this weathered aesthetic that I was determined to incorporate into my artwork. Upon returning to Austin, TX. I began to experiment with my medium of choice: industrial grade vinyl. This particular type of vinyl is extremely versatile and at the same time really durable. After a few tries with other techniques I decided I should try to cut two pieces of painted vinyl into strips and weave them together. This was a huge breakthrough. Twelve years later I have produced over one hundred of these type of paintings and consider this technique to be one of my flagship aesthetics. These paintings definitely incorporate the mysterious elements of abandoned signage in the desert and are also extremely durable, making them an excellent choice for placement in public buildings, foyers, hotels, stores,  offices and the like. Renowned designers and architects gravitate toward this extreme durability and especially the customization aspect. Woven paintings are easily commissioned, and with over a decade of experience in the production of these paintings, I have a firm grasp on the technique and aesthetic. 


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