Rules Of Negotiations

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Who doesn’t like to strike a deal? Oh, but there are rules to the game! To better understand, let me draw it for you… okay, so we have a circle -- half of the circle is yours. It stands for what you have, what you want, and what makes you tick. I have the other half of the circle, and the same goes for me. Now, the parts of the circle that are colored the same are the things we have in common -- the others are our differences. This bolt of color coming down through the circle -- that’s where we strike a win-win situation! So, let’s play the game…

This piece was produced by creating similar designs on the top of two pieces of industrial grade vinyl. Each piece was then cut into thin strips and were woven together on a birch panel. Various paints and inks were then lightly applied. Once these were dry the piece was lightly sanded to create a texture resembling an aged, weathered sign or wall. Because, well, these rules I speak of… they’ve been around forever. 

18 x 18”

Serigraph / Woven Vinyl

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